Say No

What is up with the Yankees?

Nick Swisher, do we really need another first baseman? I mean he’s good offense, but pitching is so much more important- ESPECIALLY after we lose Moose.

In my previous entry, I noted that C.C. Sabathia probably won’t come here. But the Yankees have their eyes on Derek Lowe and A.J. Burnett. Alright, Burnett might not even go to the Yankees cause they don’t want a five-year deal. With the cash they’re paying these players; I’d say keep them. Even if Burnett is a burden with all these injuries.

We hve to figure out what’s up with Chamberlain, Hughes, and Kennedy.

Last year I vouched for Hughes/Kennedy. Why trade great pitchers? I mean sure we didn’t get Johan- but we probably would have been better off with them. I mean seriuosly; Hughes didn’t even play half the year; and Kennedy too.

Andy Pettite isn’t as good as he used to be. And Sidney Ponson can’t really last past six innings. Our rotation isn’t amazing, and we need to fix it. And not worry on big-name pitchers because in the end; they would get injured or just start to suck again.




C.C. Sabathia

For my first post, I’d like to dedicate this blog to C.C. Sabathia. The first time I watched him play was definitely with the Indians. I never understood this trade thing, but I can tell you that the last season with the Brewers, he’s been so amazing. Who would have thought, the Brewers went into post season?

The point I want to get at is his 140 million dollar deal that the Yankees are offering him. Sure, it’s been a controversy waiting to happen. Who wouldn’t want a Cy-Young winner (of 2007)? If Sabathia walks away from this deal, I have a feeling that he’s not in for the money. As much as I love the Yankees, they take great prospect players and turn them greedy. Look at Alex Rodriguez, he gets paid the most and 2008 is the year is the worst I’ve ever seen him play. I guess we’ll have to see where he goes, maybe it’ll be a surprise turn-around like Manny Ramirez when he went to the Dodgers, or Brett Favre to the Jets (I know, not baseball related); but you never know in sports.

For me, I’m going through baseball withdrawal. Maybe I should stop rooting for the ever-disappointing Yankees; but it’s the 27th championship ring that is driving these fans. Hopefully, the Yankees in 2009 would be a remarkable year.